iO: use your iPod through your car stereo via Bluetooth

From their website: "iO is a range of new innovative automotive solutions that capture the rapid growth of wired and wireless portable device integration into your Vehicle; without having to change your existing Audio System!"

Check it out now:

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More Bluetooth in cars in 2009

Bluetooth will be available in more cars in 2009, and used for stereos and audio handsets, according to this article.

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Acura's new Bluetooth minisite


Acura has created a great support site for Bluetooth on   Here they will help you find a phone based on carrier, and help you set it up.   Magnificent. 

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California headset law provides opportunity for Parrot

I happened to be in California on July 1, when the state enacted a law that requires drivers to use a headset or handsfree device while talking on a cell phone.  I also noticed a boatload of billboards advertising Parrot bluetooth handsfree devices on the 101.

Seems this is getting some news coverage onlong with a cute marketing campaign.

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UConnect extends as a Wifi hotspot

A few weeks ago Chrysler announced they will be extending their UConnect service, which was originally just bluetooth connectivity, is now being extended to offering in car WI-FI.    This is pretty cool, but you should understand what's really going on - they are basically offering in-car cellular service, and bridging it to WI-FI via a router.  So you probably wouldn't want to connect with anything that already has a cellular data connction, such as an iPhone.  It would probably work just as well to use your iPhone's data plan rather than using your iPhone to WI-FI to a cellular code, even if it is 3G.

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Engadget Mobile carkit giveaway


Want to add another car kit to your arsenal - head over to Engadget mobile and particpate in their giveaway:

Engadget Mobile's got five Bluetooth car kits to give away - Engadget

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Ford is really trying to do something interesting with both Ford Sync and their Bluetooth Music initiatives.  In the US, they are targeting devices such as the iPod and the Zune, all of which the playlists will be accessible from the dashboard console via Bluetooth or USB.

The Bluetooth Music site (in Spain) is marketed as a blueooth music system supplied by Parrot (the MK 600) paired with the Sony Ericsson W850i. There is also a sterring wheel control (volante = steering wheel) and an audio dashboard that ties it all together.

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Infiniti USA - Bluetooth Wireless Phone Technology

The official Infiniti Bluetooth Information Center, which outlines support for Bluetooth phones in their 2006 and 2007 models. Includes PDF instructions for each manufacturer, phone, and car model.  Very well done.




Link to Infiniti USA - Bluetooth Wireless Phone Technology

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Acura concept cars: Acura Future Vehicles

Check out Acura's new "Future Vehicles" site, which goes through some pretty futuristic concept car designs.  Totally looks inspired by the batmobile to me.  Acura goes through the process of how they plan these cars, from clay models, to CAD renderings, etc.  Will Bluetooth be long gone by the time these beauties come out?

Acura Future Vehicles

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Bluetooth now available in Minivans

This is pretty big news, methinks - Bluetooth connectivity has made it to the Minivan segment, by way of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.

Specifically, for those with a family in tow, the entertainment options seem plentiful:

Entertainment features include a dual DVD, multimedia entertainment system that can play different media at the same time, MyGIG(TM) CD/DVD/HDD/MP3/satellite radio with voice-activated capability, touch screen and real-time traffic and navigation, UConnect hands-free communication system with Bluetooth(R) technology...

At any rate, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Bluetooth connectivity from both ear mounted headsets and car audio systems are becoming more and more commonplace in the U.S. market.


Link to 2007 Detroit Auto Show - All-New 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country Minivans Raise the Bar for the Minivan Segment

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