California headset law provides opportunity for Parrot

I happened to be in California on July 1, when the state enacted a law that requires drivers to use a headset or handsfree device while talking on a cell phone.  I also noticed a boatload of billboards advertising Parrot bluetooth handsfree devices on the 101.

Seems this is getting some news coverage onlong with a cute marketing campaign.

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Engadget Mobile carkit giveaway


Want to add another car kit to your arsenal - head over to Engadget mobile and particpate in their giveaway:

Engadget Mobile's got five Bluetooth car kits to give away - Engadget

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Techzium Bluetooth rearview mirrors


I'm finding more and more of these Bluetooth Rearview mirrors out there.  This one has a heads up display on the mirror itself for caller-id, and can broadcast modulate to your FM radio.  Pretty cool.


Link to

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thanks for all the email...

...however, don't be offended if I don't answer it...really, i do try to answer all the emails i get from readers of this website, but the volume is just too high.

so from now on, i'll try to post the Q&A type emails in a new Q&A category ( i won't expose anyone's name or email address) in an effort to share some of the answers and eventually generate a decent FAQ. cool?

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