LG CU500 works with HandsFreeLink

CU_500_OPEN.jpgGood news!  For the last week I've been using Cingular's first 3G HSPDA phone, the LG CU500 with the Acura HandsFreeLink.  Pairing the phone worked on the first try, and I can place and receive calls without a problem.

The LG CU500 is a good choice if you are looking for a phone similar to the Motorola RAZR, but at 3G speeds.

The LG CU500 does NOT send battery or signal information to the HUD.

This phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, and also has a decent music player.  To listen to tunes, though, you will have to buy a 1 GIG memory microSD card, however - there is not one provided in the box.

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Sprint PCS launches new Bluetooth Phone

As reported in "LG PM-325 launched by Sprint PCS" [via MobileTracker] Sprint PCS has a new Bluetooth phone.

I would say I get more emails than anything else asking what phone from Sprint one can use with Acura HFL, and the hope was that the Treo 650 would work, but it currently does not.

I have not yet tried the LG PM-325 nor any other LG phone with HFL, but as soon as I have some news, I will report it here.

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Motorola to recall V710

You can read about it here at my other weblog, but i know it will interest the readers here, many who have gone great lengths to get a Motorola V710. This should be interesting...

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