Verizon Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit/Accessory Support Matrix

Verizon Wireless has an excellent support matrix now for all its Bluetooth phones, including PDFs of every phone, that has compatibility with each carphone kit for each firmware build.  This is really impressive, as they've enumerated support for Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan, Renault, Jaguar and Toyota, and the different features they support as well.


This is a model every operator should follow, although an HTML version in addition to PDF would be great as well!


The direct links to the PDFs are provided here for convenience:


The charts below are for use with Verizon Wireless Bluetooth-compatible devices:*






Palm® Treo™


Verizon Wireless


Link to Bluetooth® Car Kit/Accessory Support Matrix

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Firmware update to 6230 solves BMW woes.

Roger who works at BT in the UK reports:

It was long a gripe that BMW Bluetooth would not work with the tremendously popular Nokia 6230 (at least not fully), happy to report that the latest firmware update (5.24) available globally from Nokia now enables full call list dialling, caller id on stereo display etc.

So please visit a Nokia service center if you have a 6230.

If you are in the US, Nokia Service Centers don't really exist so you have to mail it in.

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P910 Compatibility with BMW Bluetooth

Robert Duncan has put together a great compatibility page for the Sony Ericsson P910 mostly dealing with all the permutations of the BMW ULF system.  I will contine to look at this lineage of phone as it relates to Acura, but he has many more details than I will ever have on how it works with the BMW systems so please take a look.

P910 Compatibility with BMW Bluetooth

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BMW Compatibility

here's a link to a great table spelling out compatibility of phones with BMW ULF -

X5World BMW Compatible Phones

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BMW Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free System (ULF

if you are thinking about adding bluetooth capability to your BMW, there is a BMW provided product called ULF that does the trick. here's the owner's manual if you want to see what it can looks pretty comparable to the Acura HandsfreeLink system

Download OwnersManualBluetooth.pdf

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