BlackBerry 7100t firmware upgrade

T-Mobile US has released a firmware update to the BlackBerry 7100t that upgrades the device to OS 4.0 and apparently fixes some problems that have plagued Audi MMI users. great!

a reader "Monet the Cat" sends in:

Thought you might like to know (or post) that T-Mobile released an upgrade for the Blackberry 7100t. Its the 4.0 operating system ( The reason this is important to me is that previously the 7100t and my 2005 Audi (w/ Bluetooth) could not work together. My assumption was due to the Audi interface (MMI) requiring OBEX and RIM/Blackberry not allowing the Bluetooth interface to do that.

With the new 4.0 operating system the 7100t and the Audi Bluetooth work
great together. Although the phone book from the Blackberry is not loaded
into the Audi the hands free operation is perfect and the phone
automatically pairs with the Audi.

I'll have to try upgrading my 7100t and re-testing with the Acura HFL.

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Audi A6 now supports Bluetooth phones


Audi USA has announced that they too now support Bluetooth in what they call the Audi A6 MMI system on the 2005 A6.

There's a link there to what looks like an outdated PDF of compatibility, which (of course) has a bunch of Siemens phones listed and absolutely no Nokia phones listed.

I don't know enough about the Audi software to know which Bluetooth profiles and API calls are required but as I find out more, I will post it into this category.

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