Verizon Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit/Accessory Support Matrix

Verizon Wireless has an excellent support matrix now for all its Bluetooth phones, including PDFs of every phone, that has compatibility with each carphone kit for each firmware build.  This is really impressive, as they've enumerated support for Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan, Renault, Jaguar and Toyota, and the different features they support as well.


This is a model every operator should follow, although an HTML version in addition to PDF would be great as well!


The direct links to the PDFs are provided here for convenience:


The charts below are for use with Verizon Wireless Bluetooth-compatible devices:*






Palm® Treo™


Verizon Wireless


Link to Bluetooth® Car Kit/Accessory Support Matrix

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QDepot - Bluetooth Car Kits for Motorola Q

Specialized car kits that work with the Motorola Q:

Link to QDepot >> Accessories >> Bluetooth >> Car Kits (Integrated) >> Parrot 3200LS Bluetooth Car Kit for Motorola Q

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Parrot MINIKIT official game

 The good people at Parrot, who make some pretty cool aftermarket bluetooth devices for you car, have developed a little game to play (that shows off their new device).



Give it a try:

Link to Parrot MINIKIT official game,

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Acura 3D License Plate

Acura 3D License Plate by Pilot

Live in a state that doesn't require front license plates?  You can get this pretty cool license plate for your Acura.  or of course, any other model of car....

Link to Acura 3D License Plate by Pilot: Automotive

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Automotive Data Research seems to be a good aftermarket site for adding bluetooth to your Audi or BMW.  Their FAQ is somewhat informative as well.  They seem to concentrate on selling Parrot kits.

disclaimer: i have no affiliation or experience with this site, it just seemed informative.

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