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iO: use your iPod through your car stereo via Bluetooth

From their website: "iO is a range of new innovative automotive solutions that capture the rapid growth of wired and wireless portable device integration into your Vehicle; without having to change your existing Audio System!"

Check it out now:


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October 24, 2008 | Permalink


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Posted by: VW-Nutzfahrzeuge | Feb 3, 2009 8:15:55 AM

Very innovative and informative. Glad to read your article everyday.

Posted by: DMV Hours | Jan 24, 2010 11:58:46 PM

This is really great innovation.
Technology is also changing day by day.As our needs are increasing.

Posted by: 4x4 trucks | Sep 3, 2010 7:43:35 AM

Really by your post i know about today's technology.nice blog.i will like to read your post everyday.

Posted by: Salvage Car | Sep 9, 2010 7:14:12 AM

it's incredible where technology has evolved nowadays. Really, everything is separate and still connected. That's nice...

Posted by: Free Mike | Nov 4, 2010 9:09:18 AM

this stuff is nice , you can connect your ipod to anything nowadays , getting an ipod it's really worth it

Posted by: Donna | Dec 2, 2010 6:08:41 AM

ipod's are amazing and can play music or podcasts. I use mine at the gym.

Posted by: Mudding Trucks | May 24, 2011 2:01:26 PM

eXcellent i was looking for this, i have subscribed for newsletter to your blog

Posted by: Car in Bangladesh | Jun 1, 2011 7:18:47 AM

Music kills boredom while driving, especially in the middle of traffic. It's good that iPod can be plugged now in cars. You can play any genre you want, and you won't have to be hassled by switching through radio stations.

Posted by: Erwin Calverley | Sep 26, 2011 3:29:10 PM

It is fantastic that you can now plug in your iPod into your car, there is nothing worst than being on a long car journey and having to endure hours of chat from radio presenters, followed by music that you can't stand.

Posted by: Jessica | Oct 11, 2011 1:13:28 AM

I am so glad to hear this, however, I am not sure that it will work in my 14 year old Corsa (hee hee)!

Posted by: summer | Oct 17, 2011 6:44:29 AM

iPod is something which I always prefer to carry wherever I go. Now facilities with io via bluetooth I can enjoy it in my car too.

Posted by: Bluetooth Car Kit | Oct 24, 2011 5:10:14 AM

But some technologies, like DVD (think Blu-ray at home) find a way to evolve and offer something more. Bluetooth, which has become commonplace in many cars for hands-free phone operation, is a prime example of this in automotive technology.

Posted by: Buick Miami | Nov 14, 2011 6:42:49 AM