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Infiniti USA - Bluetooth Wireless Phone Technology

The official Infiniti Bluetooth Information Center, which outlines support for Bluetooth phones in their 2006 and 2007 models. Includes PDF instructions for each manufacturer, phone, and car model.  Very well done.




Link to Infiniti USA - Bluetooth Wireless Phone Technology

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January 15, 2007 in Other Manufacturers | Permalink


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Trying to connect my Cingular 8525
to my hands free system in my dodge charger. When I attempt to do so it tells me I need to follow
phone manufacturers instructions.
Can't find any for this process.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks - Lou

Posted by: Lou R | Feb 7, 2007 8:59:10 AM


on the 8525, you have to make sure bluetooth is enabled and discoverable, and then add a new device from the 8525 menu at the same time the car is looking for the phone.

Hope this helps.


Posted by: steve olechowski | Apr 7, 2007 8:57:00 AM

were you able to connect the 8525 to your infiniti? I just got an M35x and I'm hoping that my 8525 will be able to connect.

thank you,


Posted by: ben | Apr 23, 2007 10:18:14 AM

I read the post, "Infiniti USA - Bluetooth Wireless Phone Technology"... Nice information...

Posted by: Doy | Aug 8, 2008 1:04:15 AM

Infiniti Bluetooth really sucks. I say "Call" it says, "Command not recognized." This bluetooth system really sucks and Infiniti says, "cannot confirm any operational differences between this vehicle and two others." But, in face-to-face the service manager told me that none of them worked as hoped or expected.

Posted by: Joel | Jun 19, 2009 6:57:37 AM

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Posted by: Sarah | Apr 21, 2010 1:59:53 PM

Bought a Infiniti 2008 FX 35. I can not get the ringer on the phone to ring. When the phone rings it just pauses the radio and says phone on the display. I have tried the set up ringtone and pick one and it still doesn't ring. I must have something turned off. could you help have looked in book and can't find anything on it and asked the dealer where I bought it he didn't know. HELP

Posted by: Diane Crane | Jul 27, 2010 2:18:29 PM

I own a 2010 G37 sedan which has a gps.I own two mobile phones whic are accepted into my blu tooth gps. My problem is that most of the time only one of my phones works through the blue tooth. I have to constatly re-connect both phones which is accepted but most of the time I can only receive calls from one phone.Any suggestions.

Posted by: Ed Bernstein | Sep 11, 2010 11:40:51 AM

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