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Bluetooth now available in Minivans

This is pretty big news, methinks - Bluetooth connectivity has made it to the Minivan segment, by way of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.

Specifically, for those with a family in tow, the entertainment options seem plentiful:

Entertainment features include a dual DVD, multimedia entertainment system that can play different media at the same time, MyGIG(TM) CD/DVD/HDD/MP3/satellite radio with voice-activated capability, touch screen and real-time traffic and navigation, UConnect hands-free communication system with Bluetooth(R) technology...

At any rate, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Bluetooth connectivity from both ear mounted headsets and car audio systems are becoming more and more commonplace in the U.S. market.


Link to 2007 Detroit Auto Show - All-New 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country Minivans Raise the Bar for the Minivan Segment

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I just played with the new 2007 Nitro w/ Uconnect. It's been upgraded and is much better now compared to the older systems with the buttons on the mirrors. The new systems can be found on the 07-08 Avengers and Nitros. Also I'm prety sure that the 08 Charger/Magnum/300 will also have it. Much faster voice prompts. Takes half the time to get through setting up and making calls. I have a 2005 Magnum RT that I'm comparing the new system to. It would be nice if this was a firmware upgrade.

Posted by: nathan | Feb 7, 2007 4:59:52 PM

Hey, I love your site. I wish I could do something like this. I'm working on it though! Thanks and I'll definitely be back again!

Posted by: pioneer amplifier | Dec 14, 2009 11:33:54 AM

Bluetooth is become the necessity everywhere, so why the car should be lagging behind in this place. I think now in most of the cars this facility is available.

Posted by: Car Bluetooth Kit | Nov 4, 2011 3:04:10 AM

The entertainment systems in cars and vans sure have taken a huge step towards the future. Sure, Bluetooth technology is years ago. But the development of device connectivity is still undergoing.

Posted by: Dante Mallet | Nov 10, 2011 3:50:12 PM